Garmin Edge 500 – My Review

Hi folks and thank you for stopping by. In this review article we are going to be examining the Garmin Edge 500 or Garmin 500 (in short). This product is a full featured GPS based unit primarily targeted for people who are cycling and want to keep track of their stats.

It isn’t the latest or fanciest model Garmin has released but it does provide a lot of nice features that will help the user immensely (I will get to that later).

Garmin Edge 500

Garmin Edge 500

It is the descendant of the well-known 305 model, which created a lot of buzz when it was released back in 2005. A little note here to internet purchasers: Always be sure to read customer reviews before you decide on buying an electronic product. You simply don’t want to end up with something you will leave lying around in your basement.

I encourage you to check sites like or Newegg and see what previous customer’s impressions were.

You have to know that the price ranges can be very large and it ultimately depends on where you purchase a product that will determine how much you pay for it. In my experience, Amazon has proven to offer the biggest discounts on the web since there are dozens of retailers fighting against each other to gain maximum exposure by offering low prices for the products they are attempting to sell. 

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Note that I promptly go over the specifications and features. After that I will devote a section to its weaknesses, followed by the positive aspects and finally my personal recommendation. So let us cut to the chase and find out whether the Garmin Edge 500 is worth the money.

Product Specs & Features:

  • Product Dimension is 1.9 x 2.7 x 0.9 inches
  • Screen Size: 1.2 x 1.4 inches
  • Resolution: 128 x 160 pixels and no Touch Screen
  • It has a weight of 2 oz (approx. 56.7 g)
  • The indicated battery life say it should hold up to 18 hours
  • It is water resistant and has a high-sensitivity receiver
  • A “Heart rate monitor” is included
  • You can measure the bike speed with its cadence sensor (optional)
  • Comes with a “Calorie Bruner Meter” (very helpful)
  • Additional Features: Customizable Screen, Barometric altimeter, Temperature can be recorded, Global Positioning System
  • Package Content: Garmin Edge 500, light bike mount, a charger, a USB cable and manuals

Negative Aspects of the Garmin Edge 500:

– The first annoying issue is that the Garmin Edge 500 tends to have a problem with getting recognized by the computer. I really do hope that it isn’t a general problem for all owners.

– Next up is the bike mount. I am not so happy when using it during my cycling session because I always get the feeling that if I apply a little too much pressure the unit might just drop off and get seriously damaged.

– The battery life doesn’t last as long as it should. In my test it managed to die after 13 hours of consistent usage (although all the settings were turned down to “low”). I am not used to that because Garmin generally creates products that live up to the users expectation.

– Lastly it can be quite difficult to read the data since the screen is fairly small compared to other Edge models. Especially, when riding in heavy sunlight you might get easily irritated by this inconvenience.

Other than that I don’t have more to complain about, so let us see what its plus points are…

Positive Aspects of Garmin Edge 500:

– The very first remark I would like to make is how easy the Garmin Edge 500 is to use. It is almost as easy as taking it out the box, mounting it your bike and voila! Ok, there are a few steps in between I left out but you get the point.

– You won’t even need to look at the manual once because everything is so easy to understand and pretty self-explanatory.

– The size is absolutely great. It really does weigh precisely 2 ounces and it is probably one of the lightest Garmin devices around.

– It captures a heck loads of valuable data that can later be reviewed on your desktop computer if you wish to do so. Even though I had this issue of my PC not recognizing the device at the beginning, using the Garmin Connect software really does allow you to easily manage all your tracks & data with great report layouts.

– An obvious but still noteworthy point is that you have the choice between 2 different colors (either black & silver or blue)

– Features such as the “Heart Rate Monitor” and “Calorie Burn Meter” work like a charm and it is quite accurate as well. The nifty cadence sensor, which can be attached to one of your wheels spoke provide additional accuracy in driving speed.

Customer Reviews:


Review 1:


Review 2:




Conclusion for the Garmin Edge 500:

All in all I definitely have to say that the pros outweigh the cons with the Garmin Edge 500 and it is perfect for anyone who primarily needs a GPS device when cycling.

It gives you all the features you require to keep track of all the relevant information if you are a passionate bike rider. It is one of the cheapest of its kind and is currently putting a major discount on the Garmin 500, so be sure to check it out there.


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Note that I have also written a review about the Garmin Edge 800, which is a newer model with more features. Click here to read the review…

Thanks for reading my review on the Garmin Edge 500 and I hope you have gained more insight about this product. For more information on the Garmin Edge 500, you can also go to the official website @!

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Garmin Edge 800 – My Review

Welcome to this comprehensive review of the Garmin 800 or Garmin Edge 800  :-)

Just like with my other review articles I will try my best to give you all the relevant information you will need before purchasing a device like this one. I will go over the features & specs, tell you about the aspects I was pleased with and which ones were not that good after testing it for some time now.

The problem with many other sites is that they only provide very generic details about any given product without any personal impressions of people who have used it before because their main focus is to advertise it to you.

In the last part of this review, I will give my personal recommendation… whether it is better to go looking for a different unit or if it’s the right “deal” for you. Please do me favor and always look for more customer reviews before buying a product (especially “electronics”) because you can easily get disappointed if you realize that you have bought “crap”. So, let’s get right into it…

Garmin Edge 800

Garmin Edge 800


I generally tend to buy all items on because whenever you take the time to compare prices between websites, you will almost certainly find that it provides the cheapest prices (sometimes even with special bonuses or major discounts). Since retailers are competing against each other, the best price will be displayed on top and thus the likelihood of them selling it will be higher.

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But let us get back to the actual review and see what this device has to offer… I will just briefly go over the specs & features of the Garmin Edge 800, then list the negative and positive aspects and finally a concluding paragraph with my recommendation.

Garmin Edge 800 – Specs & Features:

  • Product dimensions => 2.0″ x 3.7″ x 1.0″
  • Size of the display => 1.4″ x 2.2″
  • Screen resolution => 160 x 240 pixels
  • Unit is controlled via Touch screen
  • Weighs about 3.5 ounces
  • Announced battery life of 15 hours (we will see about that…)Garmin Edge 800 Side
  • Its “water resistant
  • You can insert a microSD card to extend memory and add maps
  • Has a Heart Rate Monitor, Cadence Sensor, Virtual Partner, Advancend Workout Programs, Time & Distance Alert, Barometric Altimeter, Garmin Connect and much more..
  • All the hardware you need is contained within the delivered package. It includes the Garmin 800, bike mounts, the charger, a USB cable and a very handy manual

Now let us find out how it performs…

Garmin Edge 800 Performance:

The Garmin Edge 800 has been released on August 2010 and is the descendent of the 705. It is very similar to that model with a few differences though. The touch screen is the primary new feature and thus the device has no navigations buttons below the display.

The screen is slightly bigger but it still has the same resolution of 160 x 240 pixels, which is not very pleasing since technology is on a very fast pace now and these things can be easily improved upon. The touch screen needs more pressure to be activated and it resembles the style of an Apple iPhone (more or less).

Garmin 800 Backside

The map menus on the Garmin Edge 800are fairly simple to navigate, although I do admit that it can be hard sometimes to differentiate between road lines, rivers and other boundaries because they have almost the same color and thickness. One thing I really liked about this unit is that it zooms in automatically right before you are approaching crossroads to show you clearly where to have turn in order to follow the path correctly.

Next up is the battery life. This aspect is a very crucial one because if you are using a device like the Garmin Edge 800, then it would be quite inconvenient if all of a sudden the battery dies and you are stuck in the middle of some forest.

Luckily, this model can hold up even longer than the advertised 15 hours span and this is something I really value. You just have to make sure that the settings are turned down to “low” and keep an eye on the brightness level since this is what can suck the most power off of the unit.

Navigation is definitely one of its strengths. The Hotfix sateliette location allows the Garmin 800 to guide you effectively even if you are experiencing connectivity issues of any sort.  The response time is fast and it alarms you immediately as soon as you made a wrong turn. Unfortunately you have to be very accurate when targeting the desired location and you might have to enter precise coordinates to get the route displayed.

Since the Garmin Edge 800 is primarily made for bike rides, it has to be tested thoroughly on one for that matter. I have found the bike mounts to be incredibly stable and however shaky it may become, it just won’t fall off.

The operating system is stable and functions without extended delays. The applications are laid out nicely and the device automatically adjusts the colors and brightness to your surroundings. Also, the calorie burner counter of the Garmin Edge 800 is a lot more precise than that of the 705 and it manages to track your Heart Rate very accurately as well.

As I mentioned before the response of the touch screen can bother you initially but after using it for a couple of hours you should get used to it. Here is another thing that really bugged me… Uploading data to the Garmin 800 is pretty complicated if you have no technical experience.

The manual explains that it is as easy as dragging and dropping a “gpx” file into a specific folder and voila! But that didn’t work out to well and after researching the subject on Google, I finally found out how I was supposed to do it.

Conclusion for the Garmin Edge 800:

After testing and using the Garmin Edge 800 for a couple of weeks now, I have to say that I am satisfied with it. It isn’t as good as other Garmin models on the market but I’d recommend this to anyone who loves riding their bicycle and are in need of appropriate navigation. As far as I have read, customers are quite happy with this model and there are a lot of good reviews on various websites to be found.

The few negative aspects are not that terrifying and it really does bring awesome value to the table, especially for the low price of $449.99!

This was the cheapest price I could find online and if you want to check the Garmin 800 out, simply visit and get it for a major discount!

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Thanks for reading my review on the Garmin Edge 800 and I hope you have gained more insight about this product. For more information on the Garmin Edge 800, you can also go to the official website @!

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Have a nice day, Michael Levins


Garmin Oregon 450 – Review

Hi there and welcome to another review of one of the most bought GPS navigation products on the market… the Garmin Oregon 450!

In the article, I will talk in a lot of detail about this specific model and what my impressions were after testing it for some time now. Not only will I tell you about the aspects I was satisfied with but also those that could have been easily improved upon. So let us dig right into it!

Garmin Oregon 450

Garmin Oregon 450

Garmin Oregon 450 – General Product Info:

The Garmin Oregon 450 is a newer and improved version of its predecessor, jam-packed with features and enhancements to make the navigation process even easier. It is 4.5 x 2.3 x 1.4 inches in size and weighs about 4.8 ounces as a whole.

It comes with upgraded visibility, a tri-axial compass, the ability to change maps (replace with custom ones), BirdsEye aerial imagery and a great deal more.

Its display size is 2.55 x 1.53 inches with a resolution of 400 x 240, which makes its clarity so much better than other models on the market. The memory can be easily extended with a MicroSD card, and its high-sensitivity compact antenna ensures outstanding signal quality during usage.

The entire unit has just one physical button on it, and that is used to simply turn the device on and off while everything else is controlled by using the touch screen alone.

The Garmin Oregon 450 is completely waterproof and has a very robust shell that will protect it from accidental bumps, drops, dust and dirt. There many extra features that bolster the signal strength include the “Hotfix” satellite prediction, the “Wide Area Augmentation System” as well as the inbuilt barometric altimeter.

You can also use its recreational programs such as viewing your photos, playing mini-games and more if you happen to get bored during your hike sessions.

Within the delivered package, you will get the device itself, a USB cable to connect to your PC or Mac and a really useful carabiner clip so you can attach it to your clothes.

Testing the Garmin Oregon 450:

Before using the Garmin Oregon 450 I have bought a 8GB MicroSD card to download all the necessary maps I needed right onto its memory. My maps included the entire West Coast and Mid-West of the country. After turning it on, I was fascinated by the crisp quality of its touch display and using it was really easy.

You have all the prime functions on the first screen, and these are not few! On the contrary, more than half of the stuff is very helpful when doing your hikes, but I haven’t yet come around to use each single one of them.

Once exposed to heavy sunlight, I could still manage to read all the data from its screen clear enough, an aspect I was really worried about because normally a feature like this would require the display to have a high brightness level which in turn means the battery would drain extremely quickly.

Luckily, the battery needs a long time to die; it took about 11 hours with the brightness set to “full” and approximately 16 hours in power safe mode. The signal strength, as well as the battery meter are being displayed in the mid-lower section of the screen.

The BirdEye feature is just like a highly zoomable Google Earth application on your Garmin Oregon 450. The one-year subscription service costs $30, and it gives you the ability to download an unlimited amount of data from their online server and store it onto your SD card or computer.  In order to use this app, you will need the Garmin Basecamp (available for free on the Garmin website)

The compass is accurate and until now, I haven’t even once had trouble with the reception. With the barometric altimeter feature I have mentioned before, you are able to track weather changes easily, and it can be a life-saver if you decide to go outdoors for a longer time period.

Wireless data transfer with other Garmin devices is very helpful if you are hiking with one or more friends. You can send each other tracks, routes, way points and summaries of the geocache. This unit will make you happy if you like customizing the interface to your personal preferences because it gives you several different layouts you can choose from.

One really annoying aspect with the Garmin Oregon 450 was its virtual keyboard. It is so darn difficult to correctly type something into this device and thus keeping logs or writing notes is just useless. If you have stubby fingers like mine than pin pointing specific location on the unit can become a struggle.

Sometimes, I also got the impression that it took a longer time to load the maps and after using the Garmin Oregon 450 for a couple of hours the CPU was trying its best to process the information as fast as possible whilst staying cool.

Conclusion for the “Garmin Oregon 450″:

I highly recommend this unit and it gets a big “YES” for anyone who really wants to invest money in a good GPS navigation device that does a lot more than bring you securely from Point A to B. All the advertised features work quite well and apart from the “typing precisely” issue, you will experience no disturbing flaws when utilizing it.

The Garmin Oregon 450 is one of the most helpful and effective products I own and although the price might be a little steep for some of you, I can tell you where you can get it for the cheapest price online.

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If you have any questions or comments, then, please contact me through the “Contact Me” page. Otherwise, I hope you have found this review informative, and I wish you a good day.

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To gain more info on the Garmin Oregon 450 from the official website, simply go to!

Cheers, Michael Levins


Garmin Nuvi 1340 – Review

Hi and welcome to my website!

In this article, I will give you an honest review of the Garmin Nuvi 1340, and I will try to give you all the relevant information you will need before making a decision on whether you want to purchase this device or not.

I am assuming this because you have obviously typed in a search phrase related to the product name and wanted to gain more insight and thus landed on this review website.

Garmin Nuvi 1340

Garmin Nuvi 1340

Major Online Discount

The Garmin Nuvi 1340 is a well known GPS Navigation device from the manufacturer Garmin, the prime reason for its popularity (especially in the European countries) is because of its low price and “Eco” features.

The EcoRoute is nothing less than a program designed to automatically calculate road mileage and determine which routes will be the most fuel efficient and overall beneficial for your car health. It will also try to find routes that will lead you faster and more safely to your destination.

Garmin Nuvi 1340 – Product Description:

The Garmin Nuvi 1340 has a very compact body with about 15mm thickness, and it is considered one of the lightest GPS devices in the world, a quality almost all the 1300 models are known for. Therefore, it is a breeze to carry around with you around town if you decide to reach your target by foot.

A little smaller than the 1490 LMT, the screen size of this product is about 4.3 inches and at the same time proves to be very user-friendly because all the details on its touch screen are easily identifiable, no matter from which angle you are looking at it.

The interface on the Garmin Nuvi 1340 is extraordinarily simple. You are presented with just a couple of main icons and then the option to get to the “Tools” section or “Volume” control.

Another biggie with this model is the “Points Of Interest” feature (short POI), which allows you to locate nearby spots of importance such as airports, gas stations, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, motels and much more.

When selecting “Restaurants” for instance, you will be presented with nearest ones around you, with exact details and information on how to get there.


In addition, the Garmin Nuvi 1340 has inbuilt traffic functionality, a speed-o-meter, and it can as well speak out to you if you decide to turn the text-to-speech feature on. Furthermore, Garmin will send you over-the-air traffic updates to automatically route you around traffic hotspots, which is can be a huge help and is moreover going to give you a great idea of which places you should avoid.

Garmin Nuvi 1340 Sideview

Garmin Nuvi 1340 Sideview

If you wish, you can also get the optional CityXplorer software that will give you the ability to actually check out the local public transportation. Just pop of the windshield mount and hold it in your hand while navigating through town.

More features include the Lane Assist, so that you will never drive on the wrong lane, a Cyclops warnings system to warn you whenever there are upcoming speed cameras with real time alerts from your location. You won’t have to worry on how reliable the information is because the database gets updated every single day at a very fast pace. Unluckily, this feature has a 12-month trial, and you will need to subscribe online to continue using it after the trial expires.

The improved hotfix GPS receiver will grab satellite data at extremely fast and loading times are not noticeable.

Although the Garmin Nuvi 1340 is jam-packed with awesome abilities, one must not overlook the negative aspects it has (just as any device on the market). One of the things I am not so impressed by is its design. Yes, it is small, handy and extremely portable but the overall appearance is not as good as the other Garmin models.

Additionally, I would have found it very convenient if they had added a home charger since I tend to use it a lot when I am in the city or on a bike, and subsequently, I go back home with it.

Conclusion for The Garmin Nuvi 1340:

If you already have a GPS device from Garmin, then you know exactly how reliant they are. If you don’t have a navigation system so far, then you got to check the Garmin Nuvi 1340 out because it is going to give you a great way to get around without the stress of not knowing where you should go.

Note that I recommend this to anyone who is not looking forward to upgrading their system since this model specifically is more of a “starter” one. Although it isn’t the fanciest and most feature-packed gadget out there, it certainly great if you are looking for a high quality, low budget purchase.

Another aspect any buyer has to consider is how much it costs. If you don’t research enough, you might end up paying a lot more without noticing that there are websites online that will offer great discounts and thus make them the perfect bargains. I am going to save you the time and tell you that has the cheapest price you will find.

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Here is another tip for you: This product makes it a really good birthday or Christmas present for anyone, who just finished their driving test and got their drivers license since it will aid them immensely to learn different routes.

As usual, thanks for reading my review, and if you want to see any of my other reviews, then feel free to browse through my website or click on one of the following reviews right here=> 310XT, Nuvi 1350, Gpsmap 62s, 1490LMT

To gain more info on the Garmin Nuvi 1340, simply go to!

Have a nice day and cheers!


Garmin Nuvi 1350 – My Review

In today’s modern world, portable navigation systems are of utmost importance. Whether you’re looking for a specific address in an unknown city or just cruising around, it’s always beneficial to know where you’re going and how can you go there.

This is where the portable navigation systems come in handy. The Garmin Nuvi 1350 is a great tool for this trade. With the Garmin Nuvi 1350 price being $109.99, it gives you great value for your money. Equipped with preloaded maps for North America and 4.3” WQVGA touch-screen display, it instantly takes your driving experience to a whole new level.

Garmin Nuvi 1350

Garmin Nuvi 1350

Major Online Discount

Features of Garmin Nuvi 1350:

As stated earlier, the Garmin Nuvi 1350 price is very reasonable according to its quality. Another great feature of the Garmin Nuvi 1350 is its large display. This makes viewing maps and lanes while driving a whole lot easier. But even with its large display it’s extremely compact and portable.

Its dimensions are (12.1 x 7.6 x 1.5 cm), weigh only 5.7 ounces and still have a battery life of up to 4 hours. It accepts a MicroSD card and can store up to 1000 waypoints or favorite locations. The unit has a built in speaker that guides you through voice prompting.

What about the drawbacks of the Garmin Nuvi 1350 ?

The unit has some flaws that should be taken into consideration. First of all, charging the unit while driving midday can be tricky. The Garmin 1350 Nuvi does not charge when it’s under direct sunlight or when the temperature is above 113 degrees F. The temperature, though, might not be that much of a problem. To avoid such case, you should protect your unit from direct sunlight. Also while using the car charger; the unit slowly looses power over time.

This may cause the unit to shut down if you’re driving for longer time periods. Unluckily, the “Lane Assist” feature of the Garmin 1350 Nuvi is not available at all intersections in all areas and the browse map feature is a bit faulty. Also you have to print out the manual of the unit via the website as it’s not supplied with the package. The traffic feature can sometimes give wrong information about oncoming traffic and thus can cause some trouble.

The traffic feature is as accurate as the information given to it by the reporting station. Also updating the map of the Garmin Nuvi 1350 somewhat requires some familiarity electronic devices in general and might be a challenge to people who are not much of a technical person. But I think in our day and age, this issue is not that much of a concern

So, is this the “best” GPS navigation system ever?

Although the drawbacks might seem serious at first look, don’t let these be the deal breaker for you. There are tons of great features that come along with this unit. The first one to mention would definitely be the “Lane Assist” feature.

This amazing feature helps you choose your lanes in the upcoming turns. It automatically announces the lane you should take, which turns & exits you should make and therefore driving in unknown places is a whole lot easier. The turn viewing feature is of great assistance while driving through territories where there are a lot of turns ahead. Also the satellite response time of the Garmin Nuvi 1350 is extremely quick.

It easily locates your position even with obstructions overhead. With the Hotfix satellite prediction, the Garmin 1350 Nuvi calculates your position with amazing speed and lets you know how you can reach your destination even faster. It has a great “time & distance to destination” feature, which lets you calculate the estimated time to reach your target. This trait works great and is pretty accurate as well. Another innovative feature of the Garmin Nuvi 1350 is the EcoRoute.

The EcoRoute is a great because it instantaneously calculates a more fuel efficient route to your destination if there should be a lot of traffic on the current route. It can also post the speed limit of the road you’re on and your display your driving speed on the screen, which comes in quite handy sot that you can avoid speed tickets and save money.

Additionally, the Garmin Nuvi 1350 now has enhanced pedestrian navigation guidance. Even when you’re not driving in your car, you can take the unit and walk through town with it. It shows you all kinds of shortcuts and helps you locate a restaurant you were looking for easily.

The “Where am I?” application, is an emergency locator service, which pinpoints your exact latitude and longitude. It also shows you the addresses of the nearest police stations, fire departments and fuel stations, a handy feature I will not need to further elaborate on. The Garmin Nuvi 1350 also lets you store up to 1000 additional points of interests or waypoints.

This can save a lot of time when you drive a regular route. The Anti-Theft feature is a crucial add-on and it will help you locate your device via GPS if it should ever get stolen by somebody. The inbuilt speaker is of high quality and the sounds are clear. It speaks street names and directions out loud.

So even if you are hearing-impaired, chances are that you will be able to identify what is being said.

Also the Garmin Nuvi 1350 has a fairly competitive price. As we already know, the price is $109.99, which is a real bargain if you ask me, considering all the great features that are included within the unit.

My Evaluation Of The Garmin Nuvi 1350

Although the Garmin Nuvi 1350 does have some downfalls as mentioned before, the positive aspects clearly outweigh the negative ones. There are tons of great applications and features built within that are able to completely transform your driving experience if you are used to driving with a GPS navigation device.

It certainly is a great addition to your vehicle, enabling a much stress free driving experience. With that said, I can only HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable yet high-quality GPS unit.

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As with every review article I have posted on this website, I thank you for reading this one and hope you have gained more valuable insight about this device and its capabilities. If you interested in reading one of my other review, then click on one of the subsequent links: 310XT, GPSMap 62s, 1490LMT, Forerunner 410, Forerunner 210 & Nuvi 1450!

To gain more information on the Garmin Nuvi 1350 from the official website, just go to!

Cheers, Michael Levins

Garmin 310xt – Comprehensive Review

The Garmin 310XT, an athletic watch, was made to record ones physical condition as you are doing any form of physical activity.  Among the many things they record are heart rate, distance, speed and calorie consumption and much more. By recording these many items, you can track your workout progress and adjust your workout as needed. 

To date there have been many watches made for different sports, but there are relatively few that can handle more than one type and even fewer are watches that can function underwater.  Garmin watches are considered one of the best and their newest watch is the Garmin 310XT.

Garmin 310xt

Garmin 310xt Discount

The new Garmin 310XT is the sequel to the 305Xt, which was considered by many to be a reliable workout tool for athletes of all sports.  The 310XT builds on its predecessor’s features while adding some great functions that had many athletes anticipating its release, such as its waterproofing, 20 hour battery life and integration with power cycling machines. 

However many online reviews on the internet have labeled the Garmin to be an unreliable and pricey tool that isn’t worth the money.  So we have tested the Garmin 310XT ourselves to see how Garmin holds up to its claims.

Unboxing the Garmin 310XT:

The Garmin 310XT box comes with the necessary papers, software and cables, but the items that you will be using for the most part are the heart rate strap, wall charger, ANT wireless USB stick and of course the watch.  The heart rate strap is now made of fabric as compared to the plastic straps of its predecessor

The charger on the other hand is made of a USB cable and wall charger, which can be separated for direct USB charging on your computer.  Lastly, the USB stick is used to sync the watch to your computer so that your PC can get all your workout information.

Now, as for the Garmin 310XT, it becomes quite apparent that they wanted to make it smaller and sleeker compared to its forerunners, but admittedly with all of its functions and with its new layout, it looks more like a small computer on your wrist.  It is however very light and most people would get used to it as time passes. 

Once you charge it and turn it on for the first time it’ll ask you to set up the time, language, distance measurement, gender, age, weight, HR Monitor, activity class and whether you are a lifetime athlete or not.  Asking for such a large amount of specific detail shows that the watch values accuracy as each individual requires different calorie calculations.  Be as precise as possible when answering as this affects your workouts immensely. 

The Garmin 310XT Performance:

The purpose of the watch is to help maintain a steady workout pace for athletes ensuring that you don’t overexert yourself by working too hard or consequently not work hard enough (slack off).  The watch does this with a nifty feature that allows you to set the pace of your workout or have a virtual partner to compete with.  It also alarms you if you’re not meeting the set standards for the workout routine.  The whole setting up is a breeze with the two face buttons on the watch itself.

Now what makes the Garmin 310XT stand out from the others is that it has the ability to track different activities and is able to switch activity modes when you’re outdoors with the push of the lap button.  To check the modes, all you need to do is set it up by selecting the order of activities before you start.  It’ll even alert you if you deviate from the planned workout.

Virtual Partner on Garmin 310xt

Among the many activities it’s able to record your runs, cycling routines and swimming.  As a touch up from the 305, the 310XT has stronger waterproofing features that will allow it to function properly even when swimming 30 feet under water. However, it won’t track your heart rate and routes very well once submerged as the water disrupts the signal. So if you’re planning on using it while you swim, it may come as a disappointment as you’re unable to keep proper track.

As for the usual runs and cycling, all we can say is that the Garmin performs quite well in different settings and terrain. The signal stands strong despite obstacles like trees and buildings, but it won’t be able to penetrate tunnels. Its HR and speed measurements tend to fluctuate during the start of your workouts, but it eventually evens out as you progress. 

Other things that make the 310 special are its 16-20 hour battery life, accurate data recording capabilities and a smarter user interface that has many useful features for different athletes.  But if you’re one of those people who like to run or bike at night, you’d probably appreciate the blue light it emits as it displays data a lot better when compared to other watches.

Conclusion For The Garmin 310XT

In summary the Garmin 310XT is a great improvement from the 305 model, with a ton of useful features added within.  As I mentioned before, tt doesn’t perform well underwater and there might be some issues with recording data while submerged in water, but if you are an athlete competing in different sports then you would definitely benefit from its outstanding capabilities

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Garmin GPSMap 62s – Hands On Review

Since you arrived here, you are probably considering getting the Garmin Gpsmap 62s, which is one of the latest handheld outdoor GPS gadgets to help you navigate easily and comfortably. just about anywhere you want to go.

If you are not looking for this specific model, then browse through my website and read reviews of other Garmin models on the market… I am adding more and more here on a regular basis. I actually took the time to investigate this one and the company selling it thoroughly.

Garmin GPSMap 62s

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Garmin GPSMap 62s – General Information:

I suppose that you are familiar with Garmin in one way or another since it is one of the most popular GPS devices manufacturers in the world and has dozens of different products on the market up until now.

The GPSMAP 60, which has been released about 5 years ago to the public, has received so much positive feedback so that many enthusiasts use it as a measuring standard when comparing GPS systems with each other.

A few years later, Garmin released the 62, 62s and 62st version with further enhancements in terms of hardware, firmware and overall quality & durability.

Here are the current “average” prices => 62 for $330, the 62s for $400 and the 62st for $520.

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All three variations are pretty much the same hardware but you, as a potential buyer, have to know the main differences between each so that you can choose wisely.

Here are some aspects when comparing the 62 and 62s model: the Garmin Gpsmap 62s has a 3 axis electronic compass, wireless transfer to other Garmin products and a barometric altimeter. Also the highlight color is now orange instead of the yellowish from the cheaper 62 version. The 62st has additional maps and the color is grey in front.

Garmin GPSMap 62s – Main Features:

Maps can be customized to your personal preference, automatic routing can be turned on, one can gain sun and moon info, adding custom points of interest is pretty easy and you can share & analyze data with an online community if you wish to do that.

Within the package you will receive the Garmin Gpsmap 62s itself (of course 😀 ), the complete manual, a USB cable and a nice bonus: a carabiner clip! A whole variety of accessories can be purchased from the online store; I will talk more about that later.

Touch screen (unfortunately) is not a feature the company decided on adding to these models but therefore the display quality is quite good when compared to others, such as the Oregon 550. The screen is 56 mm tall and 41mm across & although it is fairly crisp, you might have recognition issues when walking in steep terrain areas, such as in a forest.

The 62s hardware is pretty much exactly what people would expect from a higher-end GPS device. In the 2 month of testing, I have to say that it surely is very durable, rugged, has rubber grip everywhere and is hard as stone with no parts feeling loose or anything.

The USB input is protected underneath a small flap, just like the antenna connection. The external antenna gives you the opportunity to utilize it in a boat, car or anywhere where a clear sky view is impossible. It doesn’t give any heat, no matter how long you use it and it is a breeze to carry around.

As with any electronic device out there, the claimed battery life is always a thing one should not whole-heartedly trust. If you have purchased an iPhone or iPad, then you know exactly what I mean. Companies will do their best to make you happy before buying their product but that doesn’t mean “squat”. In the case of the Garmin Gpsmap 62s they claim up to 20 hours of usage before extinction.

In my test I have been able to keep it alive for about 17 hours with all the settings turned down to save as much battery life as possible. I am pretty “OK” with that since its great when compared to its competitors.

Garmin GPSMap 62s – Overview

YouTube Preview Image

The user interface is another aspect one has to talk about: It has 8 buttons in total and an arrow pad, which will give you instant access to the GPS options. You have a Route Planner, Geocaching, Proximity Alarms, Track Manager, Waypoint Manager and much more. You can manage these easily with the Garmin free BaseCamp software, which will change data to the file within the unit itself.

Unluckily, there is no inbuilt photo camera in the Garmin Gpsmap 62s , 62 or 62st but you do have the option of navigating towards geo-tagged pictures, once loaded onto your GPS device.

Using the software is a straight-forward process and anyone who has the slightest knowledge of using computers will absolutely have no complications operating on this one. Adding custom maps or downloading screenshots is self-explanatory once connected to your home PC.

Conclusion for the Garmin GPSMap 62s:

All in all, after testing this device for several weeks now, the only thing I can pretty much do is RECOMMEND this to anyone, who is willing to invest in a quality GPS device that will get you from point A to B, with loads of additional features one might never find time to use.

Note that there is so much more to the Garmin Gpsmap 62s than what I have written here but I have covered the aspects people are examining the most. It certainly is not the cheapest one out there but it beats all the competition to the ground fair and square.

The Garmin Gpsmap 62s is the perfect choice for someone, who doesn’t need millions of fancy gimmickry and intends to play around with it instead of using it for what it was meant. Judging by the many products reviews I have also found online, I can only say that the majority of buyers were very much satisfied with their investment.

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Garmin 1490LMT – Complete Review

Are you looking for an advanced GPS system that will help you arrive at your desired destination with the greatest of ease?

Well, this is probably of the main reasons you have landed on this website… The Garmin 1490LMT is one of the most sold models from the house “Garmin”, a brand that is quite popular for creating high-quality and affordable navigation devices.

Garmin 1490LMT

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There are many causes to why this model specifically is one of the bestsellers up until now. In this review I will go into a lot of detail about this product and what impressions I have gotten over the testing period of about 1 month.

Not only will you learn about the positive aspects this device brings to the table… I will also make sure you find out about the downfalls and what things they have neglected that could have easily been improved upon.


Garmin 1490LMT – General Info:

Initially, you have to know that this model in particular has set a new standard when it comes to on-the-road type GPS devices in general. All the previous models have had a maximum of about 4.3 inches in screen size. This Garmin 1490LMT comes with a 5 inch touch screen that will improve visibility significantly.

Once mounted to your car’s windshield or dashboard, you will right away be able to see everything a lot clearer thanks to its bigger screen. Not only has the size increased but now it has even more brightness than all the previous units, making it very easy to read if vivid sunlight is shining onto it. Each button is big enough so that people with even “podgy” fingers won’t have issues operating this unit.

The color remains glossy black but this time you have no physical buttons except for the power button on top… thus the device can only be controlled via its touch screen or by speaking into the tiny microphone on the lower left side.

Let’s briefly talk about the inputs: If you tilt the Garmin 1490LMT a little to the left, you will notice a MicroSD card slot and if you turn it backwards you will find the USB input for charging it.

Garmin 1490LMT

All the hardware you need is contained within the delivered package. It includes the guides, manuals, warranties, a dashboard mounting puck, windshield mounting equipment and the 12 volt car charger (with a FM traffic antenna).

Garmin 1490LMT – Features:

Selecting your target can be done easily by either typing it into the digital keyboard or speaking it out. I have to admit that it does take more effort for the device to recognize the finger pressing pressure but after some time you will get used to that as well.

It’s your choice whether you prefer looking at a 2D or 3D projection of the virtual route and switching from one to the other is no hassle. One of the main advertised features is the EcoRoute. The EcoRoute is basically a program developed to automatically calculate which streets or roads are the best for saving fuel and driving as “green” as possible.

Sometimes, it may happen that it tells you to drive routes which may take longer but the great advantage here is that it will always try to force you into a fuel saving driving speed. It’s a score system that will display a leaf, which changes its color from green to red, depending on how fuel efficient you are driving.

The next feature is the “Free Lifetime Map + Further Updates”, which in all essence means that Garmin will modify the road maps based on unexpected road changes. That means you will have no subscription or monthly fees to pay and all updates come free out of the box. The Bluetooth function of the Garmin 1490LMT is nothing fancy or anything but yet a crucial enhancement to GPS devices since it makes them completely hands-free and is very convenient for people who are tied to longer journeys.

Don’t get the impression that the Garmin 1490LMT can only be used when driving a vehicle but also is it suitable for navigating through cities by foot because Garmin has put quite some effort into optimizing the pedestrian maps with a program called cityXplorer. It can be downloaded as an add-on from their website and once installed you will have no worries getting lost in unknown territories.

Garmin Lane Assist

When talking about the “Lane Assist” and “Junction View”, one has to mention both sides of the coin. It certainly is very realistic in the way it’s being displayed but one major flaw is the fact that it only works well in some parts of the country. It seems to me as if they would need to patch this feature up because although it does work, it still is limited in its capabilities.

A great pro is the anti-theft protection mechanism, which forces the device to lock up entirely and report its current position online (login is of course required to view the information). Just like the “Around Me” application that can be downloaded in the Apple AppStore, the Garmin 1490LMT will show you how you can get to the nearest police station, restaurant, medical institution, cinema, bars & much more.

To be honest, I would really like to go on and on talking about all the features in as much detail as I can but then this article will take “EONS” to finish reading.

There for I will stop at this point and summarize my thoughts on the Garmin 1490LMT.

Garmin 1490LMT – Conclusion:

The Garmin 1490LMT is certainly one of the most affordable & up to date GPS navigation devices on the market and if you research this product online, just like I have thoroughly done, you will notice 4 & 5 star reviews and positive remarks all over the place.

As mentioned before it is one of the most sold GPS systems on and also there you will be able to find tons of reviews from everyday average customers like you and me.

Not only do I highly recommend buying this product for personal use but it also proves itself worthy as a birthday or Christmas present for family and friends and its price point is very acceptable.

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Garmin Forerunner 410 – Review

Running is undergoing a boom at the moment, fueled by the recession and the New Year’s resolutions, more people are hissing the road.

So whether you are on the path to fitness or chasing down a personal best, the Garmin Forerunner 410 will help you along the way!

Garmin Forerunner 410

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Garmin Forerunner 410 – My Impressions:

The Garmin Forerunner 410 is a flight ship watch of the Forerunner fleet, it is about the size of a G-Shock classic and slightly lighter with an ergonomic design, which means that using it on the move is as simple as putting one foot in front of the other.

The 1.06 inch size screen is clear, with excellent viewing angles and a bright backlight & through the design of the watch the buttons won’t dig into your wrist while you are pursuing your miles. Garmin upgraded the bezel control of the predecessor to be more sensitive and touching different areas of the bezel brings up the different slice in the means, cutting down the navigation time.

If you just want to search for a name, it is one touch away before you are locked onto the satellite in less than a minute and are ready to start the timer. The inbuilt GPS with HotFix® satellite will assure a stable connection between the device and the satellite, even if you are running underneath huge trees or within a building, the signal quality will not suffer from it at all.

You can also use it to scroll clockwise or anti-clockwise, to move up and down through the menus, although I find it was a little too touch sensitive while running in the rain or not enough when using gloves, for instance.

This isn’t a major problem as the controls can be logged during your exercise and the watch keeps tracking your run while you scroll through the menus but if you are training for a marathon in bad weather, then constantly checking your stats is more of an issue.  The display of the Garmin Forerunner 410 is customizable and users can choose from 35 sets of data.

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect Service

After the run, you can review your basic stats on your watch or on the Garmin Connect service. It is a wealth of valuable information and analysis, which tracks all the details from your run including “heart rate” if you are wearing the optional heart rate monitor accessory. Connect, also lets you share your running stats with your friends and family, although some errors could be found in the final reports.

For instance, during a half marathon, the last half mile has recorded a speed of 1000 miles per hour, which is plain inaccurate. It didn’t make a difference in the overall average time and Garmin will probably not improve this feature anytime soon but nevertheless the rest is working just fine.

Uploading a run to the website, however, worked every single time while the watch synced wirelessly via the provided ANT+ USB Dongle. Other features of the Garmin Forerunner 410 include the ability to save locations so you can find your way back to your car or race against a virtual partner on your logged routes.

Battery life is about 2 weeks in normal watch mode and Garmin claims 8 hours in training mode. In practical terms, I charged it fully in 2 hours over the weekend, wore it all week in which I tracked two 10 K runs and a half marathon and by the following Wednesday, it was still 24% full.

Garmin Forerunner 410 – Conclusion:

There is a small matter of price, which is $265.61 for the heart rate monitor accessory included or $219.10 without. It surely is a little steep during a recession and I do have to admit that the changes made to this model are not exactly outstanding when comparing it to its predecessor, the Forerunner 405CX, which can be bought slightly cheaper than this one.

But if you are looking for a sports watch that does pretty much everything you would need during your running sessions than it is a great piece of kit and a highly valuable virtual training partner to help you get the most out of your workouts!

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Thanks for reading my review and as always I hope you found what you were looking for. To read one of my other reviews, click on one of the following links: Garmin Forerunner 210, Garmin Nuvi 1450

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Garmin Forerunner 210 – My Full Review

The Garmin forerunner 210 is the runner’s best friend. If you are sporty and adventurous, then, this product is best suited for you!

Why? Because this product will track every minute while training indoors or outdoors. It has also a classic-style GPS watch meant at providing you with easy-to-access data throughout and after your exercise. This product was produced by one of the most reliable GPS watch-making corporations. It correctly records how fast and how much you have worked out as well.

Garmin Forerunner 210

Garmin Forerunner 210

One of the reasons why this product should be sold especially for runners alike is because this GPS – enabled sport watch is a compact heart rate monitor, which is used while running. The best part about the Garmin forerunner 210 is that it is easier to use than the previous models. All you need is a proper GPS signal, and then, you are pretty much lock & loaded for some serious exercise.

The device is quite self-explanatory and there are no complex features to get confused with. Adjusting it to your personal preferences is simple to do. Basically, if you are looking for a sport watch that you can literally “plug-and-play”, then the Garmin forerunner 210 is one worth purchasing. It is available in a sleek black or dark grey with teal accents.

Another reason this high-tech device is user-friendly is because you will only need to make a couple of adjustments and make sure that it is receiving GPS signal and then you can start out immediately after that.

This product has also several distinctive features such as:

  • It has a “Heart Rate Monitor”, which lets you set signals and regions for different rates.
  • You can customize it and to set-up your personal interval running sessions.
  • The 4 button switch system allows you to easily navigate through the device
  • The battery life can last up to 3 weeks in the “power save mode” and 8 hours in training mode.
  • This runner’s device is also water resistant and has a high quality receiver.
  • Using the foot pad (can be attached to your foot effortlessly) will allow you to track the distance you covered from the beginning to end.

Based on some Garmin Forerunner 210 reviews, the cons of this product are:

  • It might not be suitable for everyone since this was mainly created for running purposes.
  • To keep accuracy, the device needs constant connectivity to the GPS.
  • At first, it can be quite confusing to learn using it as a trail mapper.
  • The “data recording” options have limited capabilities.
  • Sometimes, the device takes a few minutes to synchronize with satellites on its start-up.
  • The data connector is not easy to connect.
  • And lastly, the 210 has no “Computer-Generated Exercise Partner” feature.

Nevertheless, the pros of Garmin Forerunner 210 outweigh the cons. Why? Here is the list:

  • It is jam-packed with awesome features and it tracks the heart rate, altitude, position, time of your workout, and most of all, it monitors your health with the Tanita BC-1000 body composition scale!
  • The workout reports are very comprehendible.  
  • Its interface is easy to use and has good reception.
  • It is highly affordable when compared to its competitors.
  • This runner’s device, which is very trendy and fashionable, can also be used as a normal watch one would wear at home,, around town or at the office.
  • Finally, the chest-trap heart rate monitor is a gorgeous way to make sure that your heart rate doesn’t shoot through the roof but instead to stay in the “zone”.

Final Word On The Garmin Forerunner 210

As a whole, I highly recommend buying the Garmin 210 Forerunner because of the above mentioned details and it motivates you to work harder & more efficiently since the reports are being recorded and you can track your progress easily. I assure you that this device will suit all your running needs with the customizable interval sessions, ability to monitor your heart rate and to calculate the calories you have burned.

Whether you are running in- or outdoors, you can customize the Garmin Forerunner  210 so that it differentiates between the two and you data doesn’t get mixed up. If you are serious about your workouts and progress, then, I highly suggest purchasing this device.

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Again, if you are still unsure, just bear in mind that nowadays, it is pretty rare for a product to have such an affordable price point with the best of quality.

Thank you for reading this review and I hope it helped you with what you were looking for. To read one of my previous reviews, simply click here => Garmin Nuvi 1450

If you want you can also visit the official Garmin website and read more on the Garmin Forerunner 210 at!